Project for Language Learning through Software

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This software produced with funding from the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs Language Research and Resource Centre. Follow links to see the Software Demo andDownload Installer for Window. You can download the Promotional movie made for Bilbi which is included in the CD but not the installer.

A help file is included here 

The Project

Programs have been used for many years to collect data on languages. The first software developed by Indigenous Australians for their own language reclamation was developed for the Arwarbukarl Language in Newcastle and is designed around a database built in Microsoft Access. A pamphlet describing this system is here. Using a similar database structure, the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs Language and Resource Research Centre has collected information on languages spoken in Sydney from other regions. 
BILBI has developed software which uses these database to develop language learnign resources. The present software enables the databases to be searched to support lesson design and development within the software, in the form of worksheets. The present project is to extend the functionality to structure lessons for learners of this language.


The program at present displays the data in the database, as words, translations, sound of the word spoken by an indigenous speakers, and an example sentence using the word (also spoken), plus an image to describe the word if possible.
This functinality is being used to contruct language learning lessons for students of Indigenous Languages in schools.
We want to extend this capability to include language parsing. Then students can enter sentences constructed from the words they have learnt and have the program suggest translations. 
Also basic gramatical structures and common elisions (eg cannot -> can't) can be noted as feedback to the student.

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